Lecture 27 2013/11/25

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Here is the powerpoint in pptx format. (189 MB)

Here is the powerpoint in pdf format (5 slides per page). (3 MB)

Here are the videos embedded in the presentation:

Here are the readings for Monday’s class:

fs002-97.pdf What are volcano hazards?
fs165-97.pdf Living with Volcanic Risk in the Cascades
fs022-00.pdf Volcanic Hazards of Lassen Volcanic National Park Region
fs173-98.pdf Eruptions of Lassen Peak, California, 1914–1917

Here are a couple more for your enjoyment
fs101-02.pdf Hot Water in Lassen Volcanic National Park
fs023-00.pdf How Old is “Cinder Cone”?—Solving a Mystery in Lassen Volcanic National Park, California

here is a video of a new volcanic island.

and another one:

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