Lecture 22 2013/11/06

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Mid Term II Preview

Here is the powerpoint in pptx format. (400 MB)

Here is the powerpoint in pdf format (4 slides per page). (24 MB)

Here is the study guide for Mid Term II in pdf format. (0.05 MB)

The google file for some historic earthquakes on the chile subduction zone.

Videos for these powerpoints:

GPS at a subduction zone (IRIS) (7 MB)

GPS records during the earthquake cycle (IRIS) (12 MB)

East Pacific tectonic animation beginning 85 Ma (4 MB)

East Pacific tectonic animation beginning 40 Ma (Tanya Atwater) (2 MB)

Focal Mechanisms Explained (IRIS) (42 MB)

GPS and subduction zone earthquakes in Japan and Cascadia (Earthscope) (30 MB)

Vertical Deformation modeled for the 2004 Sumatra-Andaman subduction zone earthquake (9 MB)

Cascadia subduction zone geometry based on seismicity (USGS) (58 MB)

Subduction zone earthquake cycle (Cal Tech) (7 MB)

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