GEOL 01: Week 08

Week 8 Course Material

This is a series of satellite images that record variations in Infrared radiation.

  • Below is a computer simulation. There are only 2 real images used in this simulation. This is based upon the manipulation of a pre- and a post-earthquake satellite aerial image.

  • Cool Mississippi River Maps
  • Hurricane Season

    • The first tweet shows some plots of data collected in an airplane that traveled through the eye of the hurricane. The horizontal axis is time. The left and right of the plots are on the outside of the hurricane and the center of the plot is when the plane is in the eye of the hurricane. Can you find the sea level pressure plot? Can you find the wind speed plot? What does this tell us about the air pressure and wind speed at the center of a hurricane?

    • This second tweet shows two time series, from places in Florida. These satellite images show how these areas developed over time (more buildings are built over time). What do we think this does to the exposure of people to natural hazards? How do we define risk (what are the two parts of risk)? How does the way we develop land increase or decrease risk?

    Earthquake/Tsunami Stories

  • Can you identify the big mistake Dr. Jay made during this interview?
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