GEOL 106: Online Activity 1

GEOL 106 Online Activity 1 Web Site

Due in class on Tuesday 04/25/2017


  • Watch the video linked below. Feel free to download the digital presentation also. This will be useful for studying for the exam and for completing this lab.
  • Print out the activity and answer the questions. Bring this to the next class meeting to turn it in.


  • Here is the presentation in pptx format. (100 MB pptx)


Video File

Either watch the online video or download the file on your own. The file is large, but it is in better resolution. One may want to also download the digital presentation (linked above) and look at this while they watch the video (if the video is difficult to read, the digital presentation has higher resolution and may be easier to read).

Extra Resources

GEOL 106 Course Page

Lecture Schedule

Geological Society of America Timescale (click on image to download pdf file).

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