GEOL 308 & 308L: Country Project

This page has the resources related to the Country Project.

Assignment Documents

Summary of Deliverables

    GEOL 308

  • Individual: Written proposal – 3/10
  • Individual: Oral or Written submission – final weeks or 5/9
  • Group: Class presentation of global region – final week(s)
  • The last two weeks of class are possibly reserved for presentations, depending upon how many people choose to submit written reports.
    GEOL 308L

  • Individual: Community Presentation (not necessarily related to country project); outline due 3/10
  • Individual: Written submission – 5/9
  • Individual: Oral with written summary – final week(s)
  • The last two weeks of class are set aside to spend time in the lab working on the country project and geospatial analyses associated with that project. Students will submit a written report, present an oral presentation, and prepare the 1 page summary as well.

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