GEOL 106: Earthquake Country (Spring 2017)

Geology 106: Earthquake Country

Spring 2017

Lecture: CRN 25522 Section 2 TR 15:00 – 16:20 Founders Hall 118

  • Instructor: Dr. Jason Robert Patton
  • Email: Jason.Patton at
  • Office: Founders Hall 136
  • Phone: 707.826.3923
  • Office Hours: Tuesday 1:00 PM – 3:00 PM
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Course Syllabus: pdf file

(this includes the syllabus and other important information)


  • Week 1: Introduction to Natural Hazards, Scientific Method, Energy, Origin of the Earth, Earth’s Structure
  • Week 2: Introduction to Plate Tectonics and Plate Motions
  • Week 3: Seismology
  • Week 4: Fault Types
  • Week 5: Great Earthquakes; Geophysical and Geological Evidence for them
  • Week 6: Mid Term and Crustal Earthquakes
  • Week 7: Crustal Earthquakes
  • Week 8: Damage from Earthquakes
  • Week 9: Tsunami
  • Week 10: Earthquake Forecasting
  • Week 11: Earthquake Forecasting
  • Week 12: Volcanoes
  • Week 13: Online Activities and Online Mid Term II
  • Week 14: Floods
  • Week 15: Video Presentations

    Video Project

  • Video Assignment including due date! (pdf)
  • Some of the videos posted below are great and some are not. Try to use them to help learn about what makes a great video. Be critical! Don’t wait until the last minute.
  • Video Examples: Fall 2016
  • Here is the evaluation form that we will be using. Consider this a grading rubric. (pdf)

    Research Paper Guide

  • Here is research paper writing guide and example paper.
  • Here is the rubric that will be used to evaluate all reports and research papers.

    Additional Resources

  • Living on Shaky Ground How to survive earthquakes and tsunamis in northern California (website) (pdf pamphlet)

    Gender Neutral Pronouns

  • Here is a page where I present some gender neutral pronouns that I use in my classes.

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