Managing University Departments

Here are some videos that may help with managing instruction at universities.

American Geosciences Institute / American Geophysical Union Heads and Chairs Webinars

    2016.10.14 Improving Student Placement

  • This video helps us help our students find placements in academia and in industry. Here are links to the embedded video below. (88 MB mp4) (yt link)
  • I prepared some notes from this presentation here.
  • Aaron Johnson, the new Executive Director of AIPG, will share his experiences at Northwest Missouri State University and their strategies in advising that greatly improved the employability of their graduates and helped grow the department.

    2016.11.11 Managing Online Education

  • This video helps us manage our online education programs. Here are links to the embedded video below. (184 MB mp4) (yt link)
  • With the continued growth in online education and the rapid adoption of such programs by many traditional higher education institutions, we are seeing increasing online program enrollment in the geosciences. Many of these programs are either inside, or co-institutional, with traditional geoscience programs. This webinar is a panel discussion with representatives from Northwest Missouri State University and Concordia University (Portland) who have navigated the online – on-campus interface.

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