Gender Neutral Pronouns

I started a conversation on social media about gender neutral pronouns. My initiation was a proposition to use “your majesty” or “comrade” as a way of avoiding using a gender specific pronoun when addressing students. This is all intended as a matter of respect for everyone in all of my classes. The conversation was quite educational. This inspired some online research and I learned a great deal.

I place these here as a list to help remind me of terms that I want to use in classes. Feel free to contact me so that I might add to this list. I will also try to place some educational links on this page over time. I will also link all of my classes to this page.

    Here is the list:

  • comrade or co or tvarische
  • your excellency
  • human
  • humanoid
  • biped with continuous external integument (which is already in my chrome dictionary btw, but btw is not)
  • my friend (i will use this sparingly. i don’t need emotional entanglements with my students, nor sexual harassment lawsuits)
  • yes dear (see comment for ‘my friend’)
  • you again (also only to people i have already had in a class)
  • y’all (if appropriate for a single person)
  • sup
  • fuck you want (see comment for ‘you again’)
  • “And what does our esteemed friend in the back think about this?”
  • padawan

    Here are some ironic examples:

  • “Emotive electrochemical stimulus response; cranial plate; bipedal locomotion; endo-skeletal contiguous external integument.”
  • “I’m Captain Jean-Luc Picard, of the Federation starship Enterprise.”
  • “Hierarchical collective command structure.”
  • “Who are you?”
  • “Interrogative!”

Queer Staff & Faculty Retention Program at HSU

  • The Queer Staff & Faculty Retention Program at HSU has a page that explains a proper use of various pronouns here. Below is the table presented on their page. The following is content from their page.
  • Pronouns—A How-To Guide

  • Subject: [1] laughed at the notion of a gender binary.
  • Object: They tried to convince [2] that asexuality does not exist.
  • Possessive: [3] favorite color is unknown.
  • Possessive Pronoun: The pronoun card is [4].
  • Reflexive: [1] thinks highly of [5].

Teen Vogue has a great page on this topic here.

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