GEOL 460 Week 5

Week 5 Course Material


  • Lab 5: Seismology III (Refraction and Reflection Seismology)


    Here is a visualization for ground motions for a simulated M 7.8 earthquake rupturing the San Adreas fault. More here.

  • This is the yt link for the embedded video below.
  • This is the mp4 link for the embedded video below. (44 MB mp4)
  • An animation of wave propagation during a magnitude-7.8 earthquake rupturing the San Andreas Fault from northeast to southwest. Red-blue colors reflect the intensity of shaking; green colors indicate areas of permanent ground deformation. Simulation by Daniel Roten, Kim Olsen, and Steven Day at the Department of Geological Sciences at San Diego State University, and Yifeng Cui at the San Diego Supercomputer Center. Visualization by Daniel Roten (SDSU). Simulation on UIUC Blue Waters.

    Ben Holtzman, Matt Turk, Jason Candler. CC

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