Hydrologic and Meteorologic Data

    River Gages and Meteorological Observations

  • Below are links to various river and stream gage data for the western US. There are graphical depiction of the hydrographs for each gage. Click on the plots to open the plot in a new browser tab. Above each graph are two links (1) the National Weather Service (left) and (2) the USGS (right). I include the radar composite above the rain gages for various regions.
  • There are a number of interfaces for these gages that include current conditions and forecasts. Below are some links to these interfaces. These links are configured for northern California, but one may easily find different regions at those sites.
  • There is an excellent description of the NOAA NWS river gages here (h/t Antony Lomax).
  • Other met Observation Sites
  • I use a number of weather forecast sites. Below are some of these.
  • Here is a 48 hour graphical forecast for Eureka from NOAA NWS.

USA Composite RADAR

NWS Continental USA Composite Reflectivity

Northeast Pacific RADAR

NWS Continental USA Composite Reflectivity

West Coast Composite RADAR

NWS West Coast GOES-WEST Water Vapor

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