Field Trip: Silver Falls Hydrology

Chemeketa Community College GEO 144 Field Trip: Silver Falls Web Site

We will meet on campus at 8 AM on 5/10/15 to get the handout (linked below). I will provide a handout of the assignment. Feel free to look at the background material prior to the field trip. We will spend about 6 hours at the park, maybe a little longer. After we are done, everyone is free to travel as they so please from the park. There are lots of trails, so this might be a great place to spend the rest of the day!

    Background Materials

  • Here is a trifold that summarizes the geologic history at Silver Falls State Park in pdf format.
  • Here is an article from the state of Oregon about the geology of the Silver Falls State Park pdf format.
  • Here is a map of the trails that includes some information about the park in pdf format.

Here are photos from our field trip. Thanks for the fun time!







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