GEO 142

The Geology of Pacific Northwest Volcanoes, Mountains and Earthquakes
(4 units)

Spring 2015 Lecture CRN 79191, Lab CRN 79192
Monday 2:00-5:00 PM
Two Full Day Sunday Field Trips

  • Below are links to web pages for each lecture and a link to the syllabus at the top. Click on the link for the lecture and you will go to the web page for that lecture. On those lecture web pages there is the course material for that days’ lecture (digital presentation, lab materials, video files, link to that week’s online activities, etc.). The links to each lab are also posted on this page. There are links to the field trip websites. You will want to review the material for each of the websites at least a week prior to the field trip. There is also, posted below, a research paper writing guide. This guide will help you write a research paper for this class. Finally, there are links to study guides for the exams.
  • At the bottom of this page is a link to the Chemeketa Community College Student Services links. These services are free to all students.

Here is the course syllabus and course information document.

Lecture Pages

Online Activity Pages


Online Activities

Field Trips

Study Guides

Research Paper Guide

  • Here is research paper writing guide and example paper.

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